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Adam Rosen, Esq

Adam Rosen, one of the partners and workers’ compensation lawyers in NYat Polsky, Shouldice, & Rosen, P.C., graduated from Hofstra Law School in 1995 and immediately began working at the firm. He quickly worked his way up and became a partner in 2000. He has dedicated his entire career in law to workers’ compensation cases and fights for his clients to get justice from their workplace. Adam spends weekdays in the offices in Brooklyn and the Bronx, meeting with his clients to address their concerns and work on their cases face to face. He spends his free time lecturing at union meetings, as well as community centers and even at churches to tell employees what their rights are in the workplace. This year Adam wanted to advocate for people who had workers’ compensation cases during the COVID-19 pandemic, so has been educating the Bar and his clients about what their options are regarding the pandemic. This is new territory for everyone, so it is important for people to get together and help create rules that are fair for workers and companies alike.

Adam also is an active member of the Injured Workers Bar Association and was named the Chairman of the Workers’ Compensation Committee of the Nassau County Bar. He spends his time at these organizations brainstorming with others and trying to figure out how to make the world a better place for workers and employers alike. He believes it is crucial to educate workers and believes knowledge is power. He began his career to help others and continues to do so in both his professional life and in his free time. Moving forward, Adam is hoping to continue to help people stand up for themselves and their rights.

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