Michael Brusca

Michael Brusca from Davis & Brusca Trial Lawyers is passionate about protecting the rights and lives of vulnerable people. He believes it is important for everyone to ensure these populations are taken care of, which is why he has made a full-time career out of getting justice for victims of nursing home abuse and their families. Currently, he serves on the Executive Board of the national Nursing Home Litigation Group for the American Association for Justice. He also volunteers his time and knowledge on this topic by lecturing across the United States and teaching other nursing home abuse lawyers good tactics to use in court for their clients. This is important because it increases the amount of people he can reach and help with any injustices that occur in the system.


As a Cherry Hill, NJ nursing home lawyer, Michael has personal experience with nursing home neglect, as he actually lost family members in institutions and knows what it is like to deal with all of the heartache and hardships following an unnecessary trauma like this. He is one of only a few lawyers in New Jersey who focus so heavily on nursing home abuse and wants to make the world a better place by protecting the elderly population who needs care. He has an extensive past of working in nursing home cases, such as being lead counsel for the plaintiff in Dwyer v. Harborview, which generated the largest nursing home verdict in New Jersey to date, and working all around the world as a Judge Advocate in the United States Air Force. Both his personal experiences and professional experience bring enormous benefits to the nursing home abuse law field in New Jersey and will continue to keep changing the world for the better.

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